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2pm Sun 9, August 2020

Lift and Trail Status
2020/08/08 07:24

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Lift and Trail Status
2020/08/03 14:47
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2pm Sun 9, August 2020

Lift and Trail Status
2020/08/08 07:24

0/10 Lift Open
0/24 Trail Open
Lift and Trail Status
2020/08/03 14:47
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Weather and Lift Status



Terms of use for Kiroro Snow World

Standards on Snow sports safety

Lift pass(KIROCA・RFID card) terms of service

  • It is prohibited to resell or use resold lift tickets.
  • It is prohibited for anyone other than the registrant to use their lift ticket.
  • Kiroro Resort Holdings does not take any responsibility for damaged or lost lift tickets.
  • Lift tickets will be confiscated if the user(s) does not follow the resort rules.

Lift Pass Refund Policy

  • A refund will be provided in the case where all the lifts do not operate due to natural disasters or decisions by the resort management. However, this does not include cases where the lifts are temporarily closed due to heavy snow and strong winds.
  • A full refund of your lift pass price will be provided when it has been decided that all lift operations are closed. Note, however, that only the lift pass price portion will be refunded for package deals.
  • Refunds will be provided at the Mountain Center ticket counter.
    * No refund will be provided unless all of the lifts are closed.
    * A refund will not be provided for your own convenience.
    * After receiving a refund, if you wish you reuse the lifts after they operate again, you will need to repurchase a new pass.

Rental terms of service

  • Rental fee is non-refundable for any case including injury and lift closure due to bad weather.
  • Rental equipment acquired for more than 1 day must be rented consecutively. No equipment lay days are allowed when renting equipment.
  • Please understand, skiing and snowboarding are extreme sport with inherent dangers.
  • Please understand that we do not guarantee the performance of all skies, boots, snowboards, and bindings at all times in all situations.
  • Regarding any rental equipment, the user who damages any rental equipment, due to their own negligence, misuse, installation or maintenance or adjustment of said rental equipment, or through use in conjunction with these or a third party and, or property, the user shall be responsible for all costs of repairs. Kiroro Snow World does not take responsibility for these damages.
  • Regarding loss or theft of all rental equipment, as well as any rental tools loaned, it is the guests responsibility to cover the costs of the replacement items.

Academy terms of service

Please read the following statement carefully.

In regard to participating in SKI/SNOWBOARD lessons and other programs :

  • I acknowledge that risk is involved in skiing/snowboarding. I will therefore follow the instructions given by instructors, will refrain from dangerous acts, and will ski/snowboard in a manner that is safe and within my ability. Furthermore, I hereby release Kiroro and its instructors from any and all legal liability incurred for damages and injury to my and other parties’ person and property.
  • I understand that participating in lessons/programs and using special facilities may not be possible due to the poor health of participants, flu or illness, poor weather conditions and other circumstances deemed unavoidable by Kisoro’s management.
  • I understand that KIRORO ASSOCIATES CORP. may take photographs or make video and audio recordings of people participating in lessons, and use, duplicate and distribute these in various mediums. Furthermore, if I do not agree to this, I understand that it is necessary to inform KIRORO ASSOCIATES CORP. staff when making a lesson application.
  • I understand that I can not participate in the lesson if I can not make it in time for lesson start time. Also, I understand that no refund will be made.

Ski lift terms of service

  • Visitors who are not skiing or snowboarding are restricted from the use of all lifts, except for the Gondola. Gondola round trip tickets are available for visitors who do not wish to ski or snowboard.
  • For safety reasons, guests with a child or children secured to either their back or front are prohibited from using all lifts and gondola. However, guests are permitted to use the gondola if the purpose is for sightseeing and NOT for skiing/snowboarding.
  • Please ensure that ski brakes are in working order and that snowboards have leashes attached when on the mountain.
  • The usage of any snow riding equipment which does not follow our regulations is prohibited. Please contact us regarding our regulated snow riding equipment.


Corporate registration and corporate pass terms of service

  • Please inform Kiroro Snow World prior to hosting any events or collaboration event with Kiroro.
  • Any commercial activity (lesson, guiding, or event) that uses our ski area facilities or is undertaken via resort property, must be approved by Kiroro Snow World before proceeding. A corporate registration is necessary regardless of company or individual, and is an agreement to the Terms of Service of our skiing area and our approval for the said activity to proceed.
  • If you violate the Terms of Service or any other specific instructions, we hold the right to confiscate or cancel the corporate registration and any associated lift ticket. If you proceed with any lesson, guiding tour or event in the resort without permission you will be asked to leave without refund, and you may be banned from returning to the resort.
  • For further details or to arrange a corporate registration please contact the Kiroro Mountain Club at

Back country rules

  • Submitting a climbing plan is necessary for anyone who intends to access the back country via the resort boundary.
  • Please submit a Mountain Climbing Plan in the Kiroro Mountain Club (Level 2 of the Mountain Centre) before you access the lifts.
  • Please use only the designated exit and re-entry points when accessing or returning from the non-controlled areas beyond the resort boundary.
  • Ducking ropes is unacceptable under any circumstance and you may have your lift ticket cancelled.
  • Accessing the back country from the car park or private road is prohibited

Kiroro Trail Map (Groomed courses / OFF-PISTE / Non-controlled Area)

Charges for rescue outside the controlled area


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