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3pm Tue 7, December 2021

Lift and Trail Status
2021/12/07 07:08

1/10 Lift Open
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Lift and Trail Status
2021/12/07 07:07
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3pm Tue 7, December 2021

Lift and Trail Status
2021/12/07 07:08

1/10 Lift Open
0/24 Trail Open
Lift and Trail Status
2021/12/07 07:07
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• Check-in/Check-out Time

The check-in time for both hotels is 3:00PM; the check-out time is 12:00PM. The check-in/out time may varies according to the accommodation package, so please check prior to booking. Guests who wish to use the lift passes, hot spring passes or inclusive benefits of special packages, please inquire at the reception desk of either hotel prior to check-in. *Guests are not allowed to enter the rooms before check-in or after check-out.

• Is there parking available?

Yes. At KIRORO Resort there are 1900 free outdoor parking spaces and 100 paid indoor parking spaces. Prices: ¥200 per hour, max.¥1200 for 24hours for any guests. For staying guests: ¥1000 for 24hours, ¥200 per each additional hour after that.

• Can I stay in the same room under a different accommodation package each day?

If the room type or hotel is the same, you can request to stay in the same room. For more details please direct your enquiries to the reservation center and inform the reception staff if you have booked two different packages over different days.

• Are there humidifiers available?

All rooms in Tribute Hotel and some rooms in Sheraton Hokkaido are equipped with air purifiers and humidifiers. For other rooms, please don’t hesitate to request for one when making your reservation or inquire at the reception desk. *Please understand that there are limited numbers of humidifiers and they are lent out on a first come first serve basis.

• Are there any places to put our luggage before check-in or after check-out?

Yes. Front reception can store your luggage, however, there is limited space. There are also coin lockers for guests to use. Please inquire at the reception desk.

• Are there any non-smoking rooms available?

Yes. Both The Kiroro, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Hokkaido and Sheraton Hokkaido Kiroro Resort are non-smoking hotels. *Smoking is not allowed in the rooms, but there are 24hrs smoking areas available within the hotel.

• Is there access to the internet in the rooms?

Yes. There are Wi-Fi access in all rooms as well as the public areas within the hotels except for Kiroro Town at Tribute Hotel and the underground locker room at Sheraton Hotel. Depending on the computer settings, some guests may not be able to connect to the Internet. Please note that we do not take responsibility for any trouble or damages caused to hardware or applications as a result of using the Internet.

• Are laundry facilities available?

Yes. There is a coin-operated laundromat available on the 3rd floor of Sheraton Hotel and one on the 4th floor of Tribute Hotel. Separate dry-cleaning service is also available. Please inquire at the reception desk.

• Is it possible to send ski gear and luggage prior to check-in?

Yes. Guests who have made a reservation can send their luggage to KIRORO Resort in advance. Please click here for details.

• Is there an ATM in the resort?

No. The nearest ATM is in the Boyodai Lawson. All major credit cards can be used as well as QUIC Pay debit cards. Money Exchange Machine for major currencies is available at The Kiroro, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Hokkaido lobby level.

• Is there a hot spring in Sheraton Hotel?

No. However, there is a Japanese style public bath on the 2nd floor of the adjacent Mountain Center called Tokiwa-yu. It is free of charge for guests staying at the hotel.

• What dining options are available at the resort?

There are 21 restaurants, café and bars available serving a wide range of cuisines: Italian, Japanese, barbeque grilled style and buffet style. Please visit Dining page for more information

*Business hours vary according to season. | In-room dining is available at both hotels.

• Is there a safety deposit box in the room?

Yes. You can find one either in the drawer under the TV or in the closet.

• Is there any in-room service?

Yes, in-room dining service is available at both hotels. Please refer to the dining page or call guest service for any inquiries.

• Can I dine at any restaurants without a reservation even if it is not included in my accommodation package?

Yes. In that case you’d need to pay after your meal at each restaurant or you can ask for it to be charged to your room and pay at check-out time.

• Are there any shops or convenience stores in the resort?

There are 2 shops at the Tribute Hotel, 1 shop at Sheraton Hotel and 1 shop at Mountain Center. They all sell similar goods to those available at convenience stores as well as various souvenirs.

• Are there any places to buy cigarettes?

Yes. There is a cigarette vending machine inside the smoking room on the 2F of Tribute Hotel and one nearby the entrance of Kiroro onsen. There is another next to the smoking room at Mountain Center 1F. ※All cigarette vending machines in KIRORO Resort require a TASPO card for purchases. Please inquire at reception desk.

• When does Kiroro Snow World open?

The opening of Kiroro Snow World varies from year to year. However, it usually opens in late November.

• How do I get to the ski area from Tribute Hotel?

There is Gateway Express gondola which connects Tribute Hotel and Yu Kiroro to Ski area. There is also a free intra-resort shuttle bus which runs between the Tribute Hotel, Mountain Center and Sheraton Hotel. A bus ride takes about 3 minutes.

• What happen if I lose the room key or the key for the ski lockers?

If you lose the room key, please go to the reception desk to have it reissued. If you lose the ski locker key, it will cost you 3000JPY to have it replaced.

• Is there a sled course where small children can play?

Yes. Snow Park is designed for all ages to play safely in the snow including sledding. Other area may also be available for sledding. Please check its location at Mountain Center as it is subject to change.

• Is the mobile phones signal range stable in the ski area?

It depends on the place. There are areas where the signal is weak.

• Can I ride the lift with a child on my back?

No, you cannot do so on any lifts, but you can ride the Gondola with a child on your back.

• Is there equipment I cannot use in the ski area?

You cannot use plastic skis and saddle skis. The use of drones are also strictly prohibited.

• What kind of clothes are recommended in the winter?

The temperature in winter can drop to minus 20 degrees, so please wear warm protective clothes, neck warmer and scarf. It is recommended for guests to put on layers of clothes.

• Can I ride the gondola with a dog?

You can only bring your dog onto the gondola during the summer special period when it is pet-friendly.

• Can I stay with a dog in the hotel?

Yes. Sheraton Hokkaido has two Pet Friendly Rooms.

• Can I play with a dog outside the dog run area?

Dogs are ONLY allowed to run freely within the dog run area. You can take your dog for a walk around Kiroro area if it is on a leash.

• What kind of clothes are recommended in the summer?

The temperature might drop to 15 degrees in the evening, so please bring some warm clothes with you for the evenings. Short sleeves and shorts are fine during day time.

• Can I ride the gondola in a wheelchair?

Yes, you can.

• Can I camp out in a tent in KIRORO?

No. Camping out is not allowed in Kiroro area.

• Is there a place where I can take a break?

There is a free resting area/space on the 2F of Mountain Center.

• Is there a nursing room?

Yes. There is one on the 1F of Mountain Center, but it is only available during the winter season.

• What can I find around KIRORO Resort area?

Kiroro Resort is located about 25 km from Otaru – one of the most popular tourist spots in Hokkaido. It is also neighbor to Yoichi -a city known for its wine and whiskey. Click here for more information.

• Where is the nearest gasoline station?

Shinko, Otaru has a 24 hour station. There is another one in Asari, right by the expressway exit. It takes about 30-40 minutes to get to either on.

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