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Kiroro Resort was the main location for the highly acclaimed Thai film “One Day”. The film revolves around many of Kiroro’s beautiful landmark features that you can experience too! Shots include popular attractions of Hokkaido, Sapporo, Hakodate, Otaru, Noboribetsu and Kiroro itself.

One Day Movie Synopsis

A geeky IT officer’s (Denchai) existence is only acknowledged by his colleagues when they need support, until a new female colleague (Nui) arrives, making him feel valued once more. Denchai secretly admires Nui from afar, knowing that she is out of his league. On a company trip to the Kiroro ski resort, Denchai takes a leap of faith at the resort’s Lucky ’N Love Bell wishing landmark. He wishes for Nui to be his girl for just one day.

Several of Kiroro’s Landmarks Feature Prominently In The Film

Lucky ’N Love Bell (Niisa Bell)

The Lucky ’N Love Bell sits atop “Asari Peak” in Kiroro. Built in 2006 as one of 100 government-established attractions, it is used as a popular lover’s sanctuary for proposals. It is said that couples who ring the bell twice are destined to be married.


Kiroro’s real chapel holds many actual romantic unions. Designed to harmonise the interior with its surroundings, the chapel’s beauty is reflected differently during summer or winter, whether it’s day or night.

Crest Cafe

Popular for revitalizing skiers and snowboarders after enjoying our famous powder snow, Crest Café is accessible by the Nakamine route chairlift.

Kiroro Town

The center is home to the resort market, onsen and restaurants. The film shows a significant scene that takes place in Kiroro Town as it is snowing.

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